An exciting way to keep poop away from your child's hands

An exciting way to keep poop away from your child's hands

Obviously bidets are healthy for adults and older youth, but what about young children? Can small children use a bidet? If a child is capable of using a normal toilet seat there is no reason why they wouldn’t be able to use a bidet toilet seat. Most modern bidet toilet seats offer adjustable nozzles which makes it possible to easily clean small children’s posteriors.

Classic bidets are hard for kids to navigate, especially after using the toilet. That’s why you might consider an integrated toilet that has all of the features of a toilet and a bidet in one fixture. Go as low-key or as high-tech as you like with new integrated toilets. Some common features include:

Hybrid heating for endless warm water

Rear cleaning

Female cleaning

Oscillating cleaning

Nozzle self Cleaning

Adjustable Warm Air

Adjustable Seat temperature

Energy Saving Mode

Motion Sensor

Adjustable Nozzle Position

Night light

The ZMA201S have child modes that spray water at a lighter pressure. 
offers many features of a standard bidet. These features are great for all kids, especially those afflicted with autism.

The ZMA201S bidet seat can be a lifesaver for parents with its many automatic features that work to accommodate the unique needs of a child. Its primary purpose is to wash and clean the genitals and anus area hands-free.

ZMJH bidet toilet seat is the best option for pretty much all children as kids are often known to not wipe effectively and wash their hands. The health benefits of wiping well, and hand washing after using the bathroom, Kids, however, basically could care less about this hygienic practice, and often skip one or both. A bidet eliminates these potential health hazards for kids, so adults' minds can be at ease.

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