These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of ZMJH products, Even the weird ones. We also provide some ZMJH Bidet frequently asked questions that are specific to the brand, as well as questions our customers have about bidet products in general.

 If you have more specific questions about compatibility, features, or installation, please contact us!


Are bidets really healthier to use than toilet paper?

Yes. Eliminating toilet paper cuts out the chaffing associated with bleached tissue. Plus, there will never be any unsightly paper residue left behind.
Regular use of bidets can also reduce hemorrhoids and urinary tract infections compared to traditional toilet paper.


Will I need a professional plumber for installation?

No, ZMJH is a straightforward install, and no professionals are needed to get you up and running. You can do it yourself! It can take anywhere between 15-30+ minutes depending on your skills.


Does it heat the existing water or do I need to run a line?

You do not need a hot water line. The ZMJH can heat up the water.


Is there a weight limit for ZMJH?

The ZMJH can hold up to 300 lbs.


After the installation , the water temperature lamp continues to flash , and all the buttons operation is invalid ?

After the inlet pipe is removed, drain for 30 seconds ( discharge air in the pipe ), the machine restart(plug power) to cancel the water shortage alarm.


Why there is some remained water left in the machine?

The remained water is a normal phenomenon, As every machine was tested for water, and the last step is to dry the water by the air pump, but it is inevitable that there will be a small amount of remained water, which will not affect the quality at all.  Please feel free to use it.