Are There Standardized Toilet Dimensions?

Are There Standardized Toilet Dimensions?

Many of the questions we get from customers are focused on compatibility. When it comes to establishing what kind of toilet you have, you’re in luck: most toilets are categorized as either round or elongated. These toilet bowl shapes have standard dimensions to make finding the right bidet seat or bidet attachment much easier.

Two Toilet Bowl Sizes: Round and Elongated

Round Toilet Dimensions

Round toilet seats are more traditional and usually a part of older homes. However, round toilets offer the benefit of a slightly smaller footprint, offering precious space savings in smaller bathrooms. Round toilets do not appear perfectly round, but they’re easy to identify by their specific front-to-back measurement. Measuring from the toilet seat bolts to the front of the bowl, the dimensions of a round toilet are 16" or 408mm.

Elongated Toilet Dimensions

Elongated toilets are larger and considered more comfortable than round toilets. When viewed from above, it’s usually very easy to spot an elongated toilet bowl. To confirm your toilet bowl dimensions, measure from the toilet seat bolts to the front of the toilet bowl. Elongated toilet dimensions are 18" or 459mm.

If you’re not sure how to accurately measure your toilet seat or have more questions about product compatibility, get in touch us.

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