Are ZMJH Bidets for Men, Women, Everyone? Yes, Yes, and Yes!

Are ZMJH Bidets for Men, Women, Everyone? Yes, Yes, and Yes!

"How do men use a bidet" and "How do women use a bidet" – These are the most commonly posed questions in the business of, like, doing your business… These questions tend to get pretty involved, so let’s settle the myths and misconceptions, sort you out, and set you on your way to bathroom bliss.

Many of the issues that women struggle with like menstrual cycles, urinary tract infections, bladder infections, and postpartum hygiene are more easily managed with regular – and somewhat exciting – visits to a well-equipped toilet seat. The front or feminine wash feature, The ZMJH bidets, makes it possible to easily rid those sensitive lady bits of harmful infection-causing bacteria and endometrial particles.

The general consensus is that everyone poops. There are entire case-bound, fully-illustrated endeavors into the world of children’s literature dedicated to the crux of this thesis alone, and for the most part everyone sort of poops the same way. Of course, there are certain stigmas across lines of gender here; questions of like flow rate, volume, volatility, etc., but the hard (or maybe soft?) science behind what comes from our behinds suggests that, no, men and women yield just about the same product – though, how we produce it does have its variances.

Because women are tasked with a few extra responsibilities, like creating and nurturing human life (thanks!), they tend to sport slightly wider pelvises, a few extra internal organs (uterus and ovaries), and have a less rigid abdomen than their male counterparts. All this makes it a bit more challenging for women to push food through the GI tract, and can lead to bloating and constipation.

In terms of the rear wash, while many men are able to enjoy the subtle pleasures of a hi-tech, anally invigorating bidet clean, the benefits may extend a bit further for females. With the pressure and flexibility controls on modern bidet seats, it’s now even easier to turn the concentrated spray into a more comfortable enema-like experience. This helps women keep things moving, be it during a pregnancy, that time of the month, or simply because they may sometimes need a bit more help than men.

Hemorrhoids are another great reason to dial in that rear wash and let it rip. While these swollen and inflamed veins affect both ladies and gentlemen, circumstances like pregnancy and postpartum recovery may leave women more susceptible. Deploying an offensive of warm, soothing water to these sensitive areas is a much better option than your standard wipe down. By avoiding all things abrasive, especially after giving birth, an instance of hemorrhoids and inflammation is sure to heal quicker and cleaner.

Whatever brings you to the throne, whether you’re a male, or a female, or anyone in between, you can rest assured that the standard rear wash nozzle is going to leave you spotless and unsoiled so you can tackle whatever it is that excites you beyond the bathroom.

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