How to Install a ZMJH Bidet Toilet Seat?

How to Install a ZMJH Bidet Toilet Seat?

Okay, so you decided to make the smart choice and get a bidet. Congratulations! Are you ready to install your ZMJH bidet toilet seat?

On this land of self-reliance, Americans want to know how to install a bidet by themselves. The truth is, if you have no plumbing experience, you simply cannot install a freestanding bidet – but you can install a bidet toilet seat! Think about it: to set up a freestanding bidet, you’d need a plumber to confirm all the plumbing requirements for the bidet and ensure that the drainage, water supply, and the actual bidet are installed correctly.

On the other hand, you can easily install a bidet toilet seat yourself. Bidet toilet seats are designed to be installed by anyone, no special skills needed. This type of bidet attaches directly to your existing toilet, so you don’t even need to worry about new plumbing.

You also don’t need to worry about whether the bidet water is clean (we know you were wondering)! A bidet toilet seat connects to your home’s water supply. The water is diverted to the bidet before it even reaches your toilet. This means that your bidet water is as clean as the water from your shower or sink. Then, when you use the bidet wash, the dirty water drains into the toilet bowl. When you’re done, just flush the toilet like you normally would.

What about bidet toilet seats with warm water?The ZMJH bidet toilet seat is built around an advanced hybrid heating system. provides unlimited warm water from start to finish, so there’s no need for a separate hot water connection! You just need to have an electrical outlet in your bathroom. so you'll never run out of warm water.

How to Install a Bidet Seat in 6 Steps

When your bidet toilet seat arrives, it will have all the parts you need for a standard installation. You may notice some residual water on the seat. This is normal! Bidet seats are tested with clean water to ensure quality and performance.

Ready for the quick DIY installation? Here’s your guide to installing a bidet toilet seat in only 30 minutes!

Step 1: Turn off the Water Supply Valve

Turn the water supply shut-off valve OFF, then flush your toilet to remove any remaining water. After all, leaks are the last thing you want!


Step 2: Remove Your Existing Toilet Seat

Your ZMJH bidet seat will be installed where your existing toilet seat is. You’ll need to remove your original seat. Remove the nuts and bolts that hold the seat in place. Clean the seat mounting area for easy installation of your bidet seat.


Step 3: Install The Accessories As Shown In The Diagram


Step 4: Install Your Bidet Toilet Seat.

Slide the bidet seat onto the mounting plate until you hear it click. You may need to adjust the position of the mounting plate to better align the bidet seat with your toilet.


Step 5: Connect the Water Supply

At the toilet tank, screw on the bidet t-valve where the water supply hose was connected. Next, screw the water supply hose to the bottom of the new t-valve.

Screw one end of the white bidet hose to the side of the t-valve. Next, screw the free end of the white bidet hose onto your bidet seat. Tighten all connections to make sure they are secure.


Step 6: Start Washing!

Turn your water supply back on and check for any leaks. If you detect a leak, check that your connections are properly tightened. If you have an electronic bidet toilet seat, plug it into a grounded GFI outlet. You can use an extension cord, if necessary.

You should test your newly-installed bidet seat, as well as any other features. It may come as a surprise, but… you’ll need to sit on the bidet seat for it to work! Your seat has a sensor that is triggered by skin contact. This safety feature stops the bidet from spraying your bathroom and making a mess. (To disable the seat sensor, see your owner’s manual.)

To test the bidet toilet seat without sitting on it, place your hand on the bottom right corner of the seat, at about 4:00 on a clock face. Next, press the button for the dryer (if available) or nozzle cleaning. You can also press the wash button, but make sure you hold your hand over the nozzle as it sprays.

If everything’s working, you’re now ready to use your new bidet toilet seat. Congratulations, you have successfully installed your bidet toilet seat!

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