The Source of ZMJH Bidet Water.

The Source of ZMJH Bidet Water.

Be cleaner and feel fresher every day! How? Water! Water makes the world go around. Our bodies and our pets' bodies are more water than anything else. Not quite ¾ of the earth is covered by water.

Water serves us, and we are its stewards. It is time to use water to clean up yourself after using the toilet. We teach about the importance of washing our hands in our classrooms, explain it on the news, and share the information on posters. The next revolution of washing in America is washing our anuses and vaginas with clean, warm water. Washing with warm water is precisely the best way to clean our vaginas and anuses. No soap is necessary for these delicate tissues.

Washlet, bidet, or smart seat such as is the easiest tool for washing off with clean, warm water after peeing or pooping. The ZMJH bidet connects right to your house's water supply providing clean water, just like your bathroom sink. The instant, endless heating in the ZMJH bidet toilet seat.

The ZMJH bidet toilet seat is built around an advanced hybrid heating system. provides unlimited warm water from start to finish. ZMJH bidet toilet seat means you'll never run out of warm water no matter how long you wash or if multiple people are using the bidet right after each other.

It is so simple to connect the ZMJH bidet toilet seat to your house's clean water source. It is undoubtedly the most straightforward plumbing type project I've done. You do need the ability to use some standard tools, get down to the floor. Your hands also need the agility to twist knobs and nuts and wrap a little bit of tape.

Still, if this task doesn't fit your capacity, time, or interest, hiring a plumber isn't needed. Your BFF or favorite handyperson will be just the ticket. If your house doesn't already have a flexible supply line, this will make the ZMJH bidet toilet seat install even more effortless.

Now you know that warm water is the best way to get clean before pulling up your pants again. And you understand it is easy to get a supply of clean, warm water right to your existing toilet with the ZMJH bidet toilet seat. Feel clean! Be Clean!


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